Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV)
Escola Brasileira de Administração Pública e de Empresas (EBAPE)
+55 (21) 3799-2418


I am an Assistant Professor at FGV-EBAPE, a school of business and public administration in Rio de Janeiro. I specialize in experimental and observational design and analysis. My current research agenda is built on two main axes.

In the first, I study the impact of behavioral interventions in fields such as children eating habits, blood donation drug labeling, and decision making of microentrepreneurs.

These studies include the analysis of large secondary databases (e.g. census data of blood donators since 1995 in the city of Rio de Janeiro, or daily purchases in school cafeterias of more than 50.000 students in 200 schools) as well as field experiments (e.g. a randomized intervention with around 2.000 microentrepreneurs in Rio de Janeiro funded by funded by Egap in the context of the Metaketa II Initiative.

The second axis relates to the effects of social class on human behavior, using mostly an experimental design. I am especially interested in the effects of social class on prosocial behavior as well as the consequences of class-related social identity threats on consumer choices and responsiveness to different types of leadership styles.

I am also concerned with methodological challenges of studies with low-income populations, such as the need to adapt psychometric scales and the possibility to use physiological measures (e.g. cortisol and blood pressure) to mitigate social desirability problems of self-reported outcomes.

Over the last decade I have been teaching statistics (Introduction to Statistics, Multivariate Data Analysis, Design and Analysis of Experiments and Design and Analysis of Surveys) at the undergraduate, MSc and PhD levels. I have also worked on fostering the use of newly developed statistical techniques to social sciences (e.g. the alignment method for the analysis of measurement invariance).




  • Microcredit Impacts: Evidence from a large-scale observational study in Brazil (with Patrick Behr , Cesar Zucco Jr. , Anna-Katharina Lenz , Lauro González and Martin Valia , under review)
  • Why do Voters Choose Corrupt Candidates? The Role of Ideology on Cognitive Mechanisms. (with Carlos Pereira and Lucia Barros, under review)
  • Focus! A Theory of Entrepreneurial Attention in Emerging Economies (with Anna-Katharina Lenz , Chris Sutter and Cesar Zucco Jr , under review).
  • Poverty, Inequality and Prosocial Behaviors (with Yan Vieites and Eduardo Andrade , working paper)
  • The Price of a Threat: The Role of Social Identity Threats in Price Sensitivity (with Jorge Jacob, Yan Vieites and Eduardo Andrade , working paper)
  • When being authentic is not enough: evaluation of the moderating effect of social proximity on the role of leadership in the threat of the follower’s social identity (with Urszula Lagowska, Jorge Jacob and Filipe Sobral , working paper)
  • Effects on the job market of a postgraduate diploma: evidences from Brazil (with Diego de Faveri, work in progress)
  • Psychometric scales for low-income respondents (with Yan Vieites, work in progress).
  • The use of the measurement invariance analysis alignment method in international business (with Filipe Sobral and Yan Vieites, work in progress)